Distribute AI music.

Distribute your AI-generated music globally to Spotify, Apple Music, and more.
Keep 90% of royalties. Completely free. Always.

Empowering AI musicians.

Free to use, because we believe in the power of your creativity. Keep 90% of your royalties, and let your music fuel your future.

Unlimited distribution.

Whether it's a single hit or thousands of tracks under various artist aliases, do what you want. Distribute without limits.

Put your AI music everywhere.

Spotify, Apple Music, and beyond—your AI creations will be heard. Our extensive network puts your music where your audience is.

How it works.

1. Generate AI music with a paid subscription to platforms like Suno or Stable Audio.

2. Send your audio files and release metadata to us. Just the basic information like track titles and artist names are required. We'll sweat the hard stuff.

3. Start earning royalties as your music plays across the globe. With 90% of the earnings going back to you, every stream counts towards your success.

What are you waiting for?

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